After many hours of work I finally managed to find a point of access to the network that was not monitored by military or by the Government, although I do not know how long it will last me.

We have been locked in our village, repudiated as if we were scum. I am shivering of outrage while I write these words. Neither on television nor radio they talk about us; and when we answer the phone just get silence on the other side of the line.

Everything began with the military´s irruption along the village, blocking all entrances and exits. Later, they were on the streets warning by loudspeaker that it was not allowed to come out from the homes until further notices. When the night fell down, screams and strange noises were echoed through the streets.

Then, I had to move all my stuff to my workplace and to the post office. The basement of this building is the safest place. 

Suddenly, one day a letter landed to the mailbox. A few days after, other one too and so on. The letters of the neighbors came slowly with pleading words expecting to be read and trying to look for a little light inside the darkness.

It is my duty to make them reach to the rest of the world. Everyone has to know the truth about what is happening in this town.